Blueberry Diapers was started in 2005 by a mother who was frustrated with the diapers that were out there and strove to bring the ‘cuteness’ back into cloth diapers.  Blueberry diapers are not only functional, they are super cute.  Margarita (founder and owner of Blueberry Diapers) wanted Moms to “Be excited about changing poopy diapers.”  So, Blueberry was born, with the wide range of durable, yet cute diapers. 

Blueberry has a wide range of Pocket diapers, All in Ones, Fitteds, Prefolds and Flat diapers in a variety of prints.  They also make diaper bags, grocery cart covers and cloth feminine hygiene products.  If you want cute, functional, reliable diapers, Blueberry is for you! Search For Blueberry Products