Mother-ease was started in 1991 by a mother of 5 children, who used cloth diapers and was frustrated with what was on the market.  She was determined to design a diaper that did not leak.  She has spent a lot of hard work sweating the details to ensure that her products outperform others in the market.  Mother-Ease products are designed with both parent’s and baby’s needs in mind. 

The fitted cloth diapers are guaranteed to hold up overnight and the most recently added ‘Wizard’ line of Mother-Ease diapers are designed from the ground up for both leak tightness comfort.  Their Duo diaper system and fitteds are available in a variety of materials from Bamboo to stay-dry and night time.  Erika Froese, the founder and owner of Mother-Ease diapers, has a real passion for ensuring the diapers she designs are efficient and work well.  She believes that the buying decisions you make for your baby should reflect the world you want them to grow up in.  That is why Mother-Ease products are not only available in a variety of eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton and bamboo, but they are also 300% wind powered.  THis means that they haven't just committed to using only green power, but they help make green power more affordable for everyone else.  It's this over and above attitude and attention to detail that has always put Mother-Ease at the top of our cloth diaper short list. If you want diapers that have really been tested and designed for your baby, Mother-Ease diapers are for you!  Search for Mother-Ease Products!