We educate you about cloth in the comfort of your own home in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!

Our primary goal is to convert families to use cloth diapers.  We do this through a variety of means including mom-to-mom sales, a strong online presence in local mommy groups, and the most powerful way...the cloth diaper party!  We also strive to educate users on cloth diaper best practices;  from the best products to the cleaning and care, we have the expertise to help guide you along the way.

Of course we also have an online store!  Our online cloth diaper and baby products store offers pick-up to local Hamilton, Ontario clients and shipping to anyone in Canada.

Interested in cloth diapers but afraid of the cost?  Book us for a baby shower or diaper party!  We will do the demonstrations then you can pick out the diapers you want and put them on your wish list so family and friends have an easier time helping you with the initial investment!