Bumz on the Go is a Cloth Diaper and Baby Accessories sales and educational company started by Julia Woodward, in Hamilton, Ontario.  We are the go to source for your cloth diapering needs.  Our specialty is the cloth diaper party and cloth education but we also have an excellent online store available 24-7.   

About the Founder

Julia believes in the power of education to change lives, whether it be a toddler in preschool or a new mother learning about cloth diapers.  To say Julia has had a life long passion for education is an understatement!  She obtained her Early Childhood Education diploma from Seneca College and, after many years working in preschool daycares (where she got a PhD in Diapers!) she pursued a bachelors degree from York.  A bachelor of education, B.Ed,  followed shortly after.    She has applied her years of training as an educator to every aspect of the Bumz On The Go formula, but especially to the cloth diaper party, where in a single short session she can make confident buyers out of anyone! 

Having little help prior to cloth diapering, and barely committing to cloth diapering her first child, she strived to learn all about cloth diapering and commit to it with her second child.  It dawned on her one day that it would be a good idea to have a cloth diaper party where an experience consultant would come into your home and teach you all about cloth diapers while giving a hands-on look at the products, thus taking the stress out of cloth diapering.  That simple experience would have saved her hundreds of dollars worth of junky diaper buying mistakes, many cleaning oops moments, and most importantly for a new mother...time!  Over the next six months  Julie further immersed herself in the cloth diaper world to research and test anything that she could.  After testing MANY styles, brands, and methods, and talking with both new and experienced mothers, Julia began to understand the common pitfalls that prevent new mothers from trying or sticking with cloth.  Her goal is to share her knowledge with as many people as she can.  She's on a mission to cloth diaper the world starting with YOU!