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We at Bumz on the Go will come into your home and teach you all about the ins and outs of cloth diapering through the magic of a cloth diaper party! We will educate you on the different types of cloth diapers available and let you have a hands-on look at everything out there.  This will help you decide which type of cloth diaper you think will work best for you and your family.  We will teach you how to care for your cloth diapers and help you to become a confident cloth diaper user.  We make sure to make it both informative and fun whether you are ready to commit to cloth diapers or not. 

We begin by educating you about the reasons to choose cloth diapers over disposables; the cost, the impact on our environment and the healthy choice for your baby.  Next we will give you a break down of the types of cloth diapers, the populate 'lingo' and short forms, and let you have a hands on look at each type. We show you the differences between the various material options and discuss why you would want each type.  We discuss how you can spot quality products and how to make your investment last.  We teach you all about caring for your cloth diapers from washing them to stripping them and discuss which diaper creams and soaps are safe to use, which are not and why.  We also have lots to offer to those that have already started down the cloth diapering road.

By having each diaper in your hand, and trying them out, it makes it easier to decide which style of diaper you will prefer to use, what brands you like, and what materials you prefer.

The diaper party will be as formal or informal as you would like.  We tailor the party to your audience.  Include us in your special occasion and we will teach you, and your family, all about cloth.  We provide free gifts for the host/hostess and a few other items to give away as guest prizes (bigger parties = more free stuff!).  Laugh, learn, and get some free stuff!

Gather your friends and family together and book a party to see what you can do to improve our environment, your wallet, and the health of your baby.

We currently serve Hamilton, St Catherines, Niagara, Brant, the GTA and surrounding areas.  Call or e-mail us to book an appointment!