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The mission of Bumz on the Go is first and foremost to EDUCATE parents about the advantages of cloth diapers and other baby/child friendly products.  We cater the party to your specific group’s needs, whether your group is a Baby Shower, a Mommy Group/Play Group (kids invited!), or a group of good friends or family (adults only).  We ensure the party will meet your specific needs and ensure everyone has fun.  Regardless of the audience, we will show you and your guests the research behind the reasons you are interested in cloth diapers so that everyone understands the reasons for your choices and how easy it is actually going to be.  We introduce you to the different types and styles in an organized and rational way that makes sense and give you the knowledge you need to be an educated user and consumer.  For more of what we cover read about our Cloth Diaper Parties.

Baby Shower

This day is all about a new or expectant mother, and we make sure to reflect that in our Baby Shower parties. We realize that we are just a part of the party, so we have provided a shortened program that targets the broad audience typical of a shower.   Since many of the guests do not have young children our games and prizes will appeal to everyone, not just those with new babies. Our goal is to make sure that everyone from Sister to Grandma to Mother Inlaw has a fun, but still educational, experience. 

If you’re having a baby shower, take advantage of our Gift Registry.  Here you can add some or all of your desired items even before your party.  If you add them a few weeks prior to the party, we can have many of those items available for you to look at, and if desired, purchase on the day of your shower.  This way the party is even more tailored to your specific needs and allows you to touch and feel everything BEFORE you spend any money.  The gift registry can be updated at any time and makes an easy way that your guests (and those who couldn't make it to your shower) can help you with your initial cloth diaper investment!  We understand that purchasing cloth diapers can be intimidating for friends and family who don't know your preferences, our relaxed atmosphere, shared learning, and online registry gives them the opportunity to share in the initial investment of diapers approved by YOU! 

Mommy Group/Play Date

We're strong believers in the Mommy Group/Play Group, they are part of the 'community' that is so lacking in modern society.  They are an excellent way for mothers not only the share ideas about caring for their little ones, but also to stay connected with other adults.  Compared to Baby Showers, for Mommy groups we will be a bit lower key and targeted to recent or soon to be mothers of one or more little ones.  You can bring your kids, enjoy your visit with your friends and learn a bit (or a bit more for those that are already one of us!) about cloth diapering.  Mothers that already cloth diaper benefit to with our tried and true recommendations for everything from heavy wetters to cleaning or smell issues.  

When nap schedules (and crankiness schedules!) permit we bring an art/craft/game appropriate for the children's age group, but most of all; we will take the cues of the children and yourselves as for the flow of the party.  We can make the party go a bit faster if need be, yet ensure that you still get a look at the products and answer all of your questions.  And of course,  our facebook page is always here to help answer any questions you have after the party!

Gathering of Friends, Family and/or Caregivers

If you are having a party with your friends, we can make it a lot more fun and play a few more games, spend a little more time learning about the products and help you to enjoy some much needed time with your friends.  Some people who are just starting cloth diapers would like to educate their family, friends and caregivers so they understand how to use and care for them properly. These parties can be as formal or informal as you like, it’s up to you, from wine and chocolate to tacky streamers and party hats we'll do our best to tailor the party to you (note that YOU get to provide the wine and chocolate, but we'll happily recommend our favourites!).

We look forward to having a party with you all and can’t wait to help you change society’s view on cloth diapers, one bum at a time!  Book now!