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There are so many choices for diapers bags and when starting out with cloth diapers, it may be a tad overwhelming to decide which diaper bag to use and where.  Hopefully we can clear things up a little bit for you!

There are two main uses of a diaper bag.  One is for storage of your used diapers between laundering at home.  The second is temporary storage when you are away from home. 

At Home

For your home, the most common options are diaper pails and wet bags.  For diaper pails, a pail is lined with a bag to keep your diapers until wash day.  The nice thing about a diaper pail is that you can close the lid to seal the smell in.  They are more or less air tight and keep your breathing air and diaper air firmly separated.  This is especially important if you live in a smaller space, go longer between wash days (tisk tisk), or have multiple children in cloth. The downside is that the pail takes up a bit more space and you will need to clean it every once in a while by hand.  This is the more traditional approach but is becoming less popular due to the high quality, reasonable price and wide variety of wet bags available.

Wet bags are a medium or large sized bag that you put your diapers in until wash day.  The bags are coated to reduce the amount of odour that escapes and prevent any leakage. With a diaper bag you don’t have to worry about cleaning the pail, you simply toss it in with the diapers on laundry day.  It's not as air tight as a pail but is more easy to store (you can easily hang it on a door knob for instance) and is much easier to keep clean.  And, of course, they come in a variety of cute patterns and colours.   Just make sure you use a bag specifically designed for diapers.  They have higher heat resistance to withstand the high temperature wash cycles and are properly coated to prevent leaks.

Either option will work and which one you choose depends on your needs, and we have bags to support whichever decision you make. 


When you are out and about, you don’t want to have to carry a gigantic diaper bag with you, so having a small travel bag that holds about 6 diapers is a great choice.  This is great for day trips or overnight excursions.  For these bags there are a variety of sizes, however, they are all flexible and water proof.  For longer trips (2-3 days) you'll probably want to just bring a full size diaper bag.

Other Uses

The great thing about a nice diaper bag is that it can later double as a swim bag or sports bag when you are done with diapers.  They keep the wet and smell inside, whether it is diapers or your child's towel or soccer shorts. Because they are made to stand up to the rigours of multiple washes every week these are very high quality and robust bags that will give you years of service. They are also available in a variety of cute prints that you can't get in a regular tote bag. 

Our Styles

Both Mother-Ease and Blueberry make diaper bags in both varieties and Mother-Ease also sells diaper pails and liner bags.  Mother-Ease sells the deluxe diaper bag that has a pocket in the front for soiled clothes that you don’t want to put in with dirty diapers.  They also sell a smaller one for travelling, and each are available in a variety of cute prints. 

Blueberry makes the traditional diaper bag, but has gone one step further and makes a smaller and bigger bag that are so stylish no one would ever know that you had diapers in there!  They are made with a handle and zip at the top.  The smaller ones hold about 6-8 diapers and the large one holds 24.