The most difficult issue to deal with when cloth diapering is yeast infections.  If not treated properly, yeast can live on your cloth diapers and re-infect your baby over and over again.  BUT have no fear, we will tell you how to get rid of yeast in your cloth diapers and be able to use them again. 

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Got smelly diapers? Can you tell as soon as your child has peed in the diaper?  It’s quite possible that you need to strip your diapers. 

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This is always a new mothers first question...

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Having 'funky' smelling diapers is not a great to thing to discover.  Click to see how to get rid of funk.

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Caring for your diapers in your home is not as hard as you may think.  Click to see our recommended wash routine.

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What?  Bleach on cloth diapers, you have to be kidding.  Click to see...

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