This is always a new mothers first question...

Where ever possible solids should be flushed down the toilet.  They don't have to be cleaned right away, but if you leave it any longer than a couple of hours they will start to smell.  You should never put diapers with significant amounts of solids in your washing machine.  

We recommend the use of liners which catch the solid for easy disposal and clean-up.  Liners are similar to a thin layer of toilet paper that goes inside the diaper, but are made out of higher grade materials so they don't stick to your child's backside or fall apart during disposal.  Liners are flushable and biodegradable. 

To reduce staining and smell it is a good idea to use a diaper sprayer to remove any remaining solids (they don't have to be perfect).  Diaper sprayers attach to your toilet and allow you to spray the solids directly into the bowl for a no fuss clean-up.  We do not recommend cleaning in your bathtub since germs can stick around for bath time.