The most difficult issue to deal with when cloth diapering is yeast infections.  If not treated properly, yeast can live on your cloth diapers and re-infect your baby over and over again.  BUT have no fear, we will tell you how to get rid of yeast in your cloth diapers and be able to use them again. 

In order to get rid of yeast, first get your child treated for the yeast infection (we suggest you use disposables for a couple of days until the infection is gone).  With that out of the way you can start to disinfect your diapers.

During the treatment of yeast, you need to add bleach to your wash routine.  When there is any way to avoid it we try not to recommend bleach, but Yeast infections are really tenacious. For a top-loader washing machine, put ¾ of a cup of bleach for a full load and for a high efficiency washer, put 1/3 of a cup for a large load.  You need to set your water to as hot as you can get it. Dry your diapers in the dryer on the high setting to kill anymore of the fungus. 

Diapers that are to be bleached should be free of urine as when the bleach mixes with uric acid, it can breakdown the natural fibers in the diapers.  Be sure to dissolve the bleach in the water with the detergent before adding your diapers to the wash and use a good quality, commercial detergent like Ivory Snow or Tide when dealing with yeast, no eco detergents.

*Be aware that using bleach on your diapers is okay, but on the PUL, it can accelerate the breakdown of the water repellent, so use only as often as needed.