The diaper companies and many other people you know who use cloth diapers will tell you that you can't bleach your diapers, or to use bleach as a last resort.  In your head, you're thinking why?  They are white.   Why in the heck would they make the inside of the diaper white then?  It will just stain.  Am I right?  Unfortunately bleach is a household name for chlorine, a highly reactive chemical.  Even very small amounts that may be left on the diaper will irritate your baby's skin.  Not to mention having bleach around children is a recipe for disaster. 

So chemical bleach is out, but civilizations bleached cotton long before harsh chemicals were available. 

Well, here is a little trick to use to get your diapers white again FOR FREE.  Are you ready?  You can use the sun!  The sun you say?  Yes, the sun.  The sun will bleach your diapers back to white in just a few hours.  Wash them the regular way and then put them out in the sun while they are wet.  In just a few hours, your diapers will be as good as new.  No joke!