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Wizard Duo Cover
Wizard Duo Cover

The Duo cover by Mother-Ease, when used with an insert, is one of the most reliable cloth diaper systems out there.  With it's water repellent outer and great inserts, this system is sure to keep you and your baby happy and dry. 

It comes in sizes small (8-18 pounds), large (18-35 pounds) and One-size (10-35) pounds.  This cover requires an insert to work and there are many to choose from.  Simply snap an insert in, remove the soiled insert at diaper change time, snap in a new insert and you're ready to go.  You can use the cover for approximately 4 diaper changes, so you only need a few. 

It's a great system to use at home, but is also works well when your child goes to daycare; you can simply purchase a few more covers, snap in the inserts, and you have an All in One to give to your daycare provider. 

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