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Newborn Rental Package

Want to get started with cloth but don't want to make the investment in newborn diapers?  We take the stress, and the cost, out of diapering your new delivery. In order to make cloth diapers more accessible and affordable, we offer rental packages for newborns.  A great way to test different types of diapers to see what is right for you!

Here are the facts:

-You'll use at least 8-12 diapers per day, that's more then two packs of 24 per week.  For cheap diapers that's at least $20/week and for hypoallergenic, more ecofriendly options that's as much as $40/week!

-Babies usually fit into newborn sized diapers for about only about 6 weeks

-One size diapers are too big for newborns

-A full set of newborn diapers costs from $325-500.  

The Package

This package includes a variety of our newborn diapers for you to test.  There are Fitteds, All in Ones, Covers, and Pockets, its like training wheels for cloth diapers!  Included in the kit rental is:

-24 total diapers, that's 2 full days worth and over $500 worth of diapers!!

-Mother-Ease Sandy's + Airflow covers (2 piece)

-Mother-Ease Uno (all-in-one)

-FluffEh! Newborn All-in-one (all-in-one)

-FluffEh! Newborn fitted + Mother-Ease Rikki Slim cover(2 piece)

-Blueberry Newborn Simplex (all-in-one)

-Blueberry Newborn Organic Cotton Fitted + coveralls (2 piece)

-Blueberry Mini-deluxe Pocket


- One bottle of Eco-friendly Kind detergent

- One package of disposable liners

- One Wondermama cloth diaper safe bum cream. 

We require at least 2 weeks notice and it is subject to availability. 

But wait, there's more...

* Book a party with us and we will give you one week free!

* If you use the service for 6 weeks or more, we will include a coupon for $20 off your next order!

* Our #1 goal is cloth education, so we'll not only rent the diapers, we'll help you understand how they work, the pro's and con's to each style and how to take care of them.


**Note: A $150 down payment is required which is fully refunded when the diapers are returned.  Please e-mail or call us to reserve your spot!