Mission Statement

Bumz on the Go strives to provide all parents with a thorough knowledge of cloth diapers and accessories so they can chose cloth diapers specifically tailored to their lifestyle.  We are committed to sharing our knowledge of how to use and care for cloth diapers.  We will show you how cloth diapers can be as easy to use as disposables, as well as environmentally friendly and a more economical choice.  We will provide quality, personally tested products to our customers.  

About Us

No newborn sized cloth diapers in the 80s!

 (she claims to have invented the modern cloth diaper and is continually upset that she missed her opportunity to make millions).  These were in the style now known as prefolds, with an absorbent inner layer, held together with diaper pins back in the 80’s (eek!), and a plastic outer layer to keep leaks in.  When I became pregnant with our first baby it seemed natural to me to start with cloth diapers.  Through trial and error, a lot of

research, a bunch of second hand diapers and some phone calls to the friendly staff at diaper companies I proceeded to cloth diaper successfully while on vacation, when my son went to daycare, and simultaneously with a newborn when my daughter was born.  Now I’m potty training a toddler and cloth diapering my newborn. 

The opportunity to buy this business from Julia, the founder and previous owner, came up and I took it.  Julia started this company after trying to cloth diaper her first child and then fully committing to cloth diaper her second.  While researching and learning about cloth diapers, cleaning, spending hundreds on systems that weren’t right for her she realized how awesome it would be to have an experienced cloth diaper expert give her a hands-on look at the products while sharing knowledge.  Julia

 tested many styles, brands and methods, and spoke with new and experienced mothers.  She began to understand the common pitfalls that prevent new mothers from trying or sticking with cloth diapers.  She made it her mission to cloth diaper the world!

I am here to offer my years of experience, including hundreds of loads of laundry and cloth diapers that have travelled the world.  I am confident I will be able to help you find the right diapers for your baby and that we’ll have fun doing it. 

Happy in homemade diapers.

Hello and welcome to Bumz on the Go!  I am so glad you found this website.  My name is Karen and I am the current owner.  I recently had my third baby who was born into a large collection of cloth diapers.  When I was a baby my Mom sewed all of our cloth diapers

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