Types of Diapers

The world of cloth diapers is full of abbreviations, short forms and insider lingo.  Don't panic!  We have a straight forward guide to descriptions of different diaper types, the pros and cons of each and, of course, links to buy the ones that are best for you and your little bumz!

All in One (AIO)

Want easy?  Whether you are out and about, handing off to grandparents, or just like the extra convenience All in Ones are as simple as it gets.  All in one diapers are a one-piece diaper that you put on the baby, take off and put right into the wash.  The insert is attached to a waterproof liner and ready to use.  These diapers tend to be trimmer and a bit easier to use.  It is a good option for people who don't do this all of time (daycare/grandparent diaper) or if you don't want your baby to have a huge 'cloth diaper butt'.  This type is our top choice for daily use. 

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Pocket diapers allow you to choose the absorbency you need.  Pre-stuff them on laundry day and they are ready to go, making them similar to use to an All in One.  This is an overnight favourite.

Pocket diapers require you to stuff an insert into them.  They are a bit bulkier because they have the option of adding more layers for absorbency.  This is a good choice for an overnight diaper because you can stuff with extra inserts to keep your favourite little bumz dry all night.

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Two Piece or Fitteds

Minimize laundry with this two piece style. A comfy, absorbent inner layer and a water proof but breathable cover that can be used several times before washing.

They are often more absorbent than a typical all in one or prefold, but require a cover so they do not wet the baby's clothes.  These diapers work well if you would like to use a cover more than once,  as well as for an overnight diaper.  If you are already using prefolds and have issues with fit or leakage it is often a good alternative since you already own the covers. 

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The advantages of prefolds are lower laundry bulk, quick drying, customizable absorbency, excellent value and unmatched durability.  The trade-off is a bit of extra effort at diaper time. 

Prefolds are piece of cloth that you fold and place in a cover.  They allow you to use a cover more than once.  Prefolds are a good option to use with a newborn or smaller baby because you can customize the fold to the baby.  Another option with prefolds is to use pins or a Snappi device to keep them closed before putting the cover on them.  These can lower the overall cost since you only need a few covers.  Some prefer the easier care, lower bulk in the laundry bin, and long life of prefolds, this is why these are popular with diaper services.

Prefolds are located in the Two-Piece section of our store because the covers can be used interchangeably. 

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Are you and your toddler ready to move to underpants?  Training diapers are a great in between step to inspire confidence in you both as you begin this journey.  They have a slim fit, very similar to underpants, but have extra absorbency built in for those “oops” moments. 

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Here’s a surprising fact – swim diapers don’t hold in liquid!  Those super expensive disposable ones don’t hold any pee at all.  Even if you don’t cloth diaper regularly, using a cloth swim diaper is an economical choice since they can be used over and over for about the price a single package of disposables.  They fit comfortably under bathing suits, are reusable, and will keep solids out of the water.  They are easy to care for and take up less space in the swim bag. 

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